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Seatec Premium Chin Strap (Large Size)

This chin strap is considered by many in the sleep industry to be the best on the market, providing excellent chin and lip support.

Why do I need a Chin Strap?

With cpap therapy, ideally, you should breathe in and out through your nose only.  Despite best efforts to do this, sometimes;

  • You wake up with a dry mouth.
  • Mouth leaks can occur due to higher cpap pressures.
  • Air can be swallowed and you wake up with a bloated feeling.

These are all symptoms that your mouth may have been open during sleep.

What does a Chin Strap Do ?

Chin straps apply upward pressure to the chin to help keep your mouth closed duing sleep. It will also allow you to take advantage of a wider range of masks including nasal and nasal pillow masks.

What Size do I need ?

The Seatec brand of chin strap comes in small medium and large size.

Using the picture below as a guide, measure the distance from under your chin, over the top middle part of your head and back to your chin again.

  • Small Size will be most suitable if you measured 53~57cm
  • Medium Size will be most suitable if you measured 58~62cm
  • Large Size will be most suitable if you measured 63~67cm

The chin strap material will stretch over time.

Note: 80% of buyers choose the medium size.



Seatec Chin Strap - Medium Size


Last updated 28th March 2014


  • Model: CSS/L
  • Manufactured by: Seatec