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CPAP Contour Pillow.


The problem

When sleeping on your side, normal pillows can put pressure on CPAP masks, pushing the mask away from your face. This creates a mask leak. Often the correct treatment therapy pressure is not achieved because of this mask leak, resulting in patients still feeling tired in the morning, or waking up many times through the night to keep adjusting the mask fit.


The solution

This CPAP pillow has deep hollow areas to the left and right side to accommodate any CPAP Mask, and has been manufactured from high quality memory foam to help retain the design shape.

The CPAP Pillow comes with a stylish quilted cover with a zip for easy removal and washing, but we do recommend using a pillow case to help protect your investment.

The main part of the CPAP Pillow measures 500mm wide, by 320mm deep. It is 100mm thick at the back and 80mm high at the front.

The generous hollow areas on each side of the pillow will accommodate any CPAP Mask, including Nasal Pillow, Nasal and even Full Face Masks.

CPAP Pillow

Price includes delivery, anywhere in Australia. 3 month warranty.

Important Notes:

This pillow is not considered to be a medical device or medicine.

It does not prevent, diagnose, cure or alleviate a disease, ailment, defect or injury. 

No therapeutic claims are made in relation to this product.

Due to health and hygiene reasons, CPAP Pillows and CPAP Mask returns are not accepted, unless there is a manufacturing defect. Manufacturing defects are highly unlikely as each pillow is QC checked during manufacture, and again before we ship them out.

We do not stock pillow cases. Your regular pillow case should be suitable, but maybe a little long. This will not cause any issue with the use of the pillow.        


  • Model: ACP10