Polywatch - Home Diagnostics (Level III)

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Polywatch OSA Diagnostic Monitor
Compliant to Level III of International Sleep Diagnosis Standard with 7 Measurement parameters include;

  • Sp02
  • Pulse Rate
  • Airflow
  • Snoring
  • CPAP Pressure (if connected)
  • Sleep/Awake Wrist Movement 
  • Thorax/Abdomen effort
  • Body Position
  • Battery power
  • Recording time

Also includes analysis software with customised reporting on sleep disordered breathing and oxygen saturation reduction.

Polywatch Diagnosic Monitor

Test and report overnight oximetry data.


Refer Medicare Benefits Schedule 11503 for more details as described below.

Measurement of the:

(a) mechanical or gas exchange function of the respiratory system; or

(b) respiratory muscle function; or

(c) ventilatory control mechanisms.

Various measurement parameters may be used including any of the following:

(a) pressures;

(b) volumes;

(c) flow;

(d) gas concentrations in inspired or expired air;

(e) alveolar gas or blood;

(f) electrical activity of muscles.  

The tests being performed under the supervision of a specialist or consultant physician or in the respiratory laboratory of a hospital.  Each occasion at which 1 or more such tests are performed, not being a service associated with a service to which item 22018 applies.


Last updated 7th July 2015

  • Model: SV1
  • Manufactured by: BMC